A good package can help you “make more money”

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April 9, 2022
Bestm®Lashes provide custom package services
April 19, 2022

A good package can help you “make more money”

Why  Bestm Lashes take your order packaging so seriously?

  1. The protection of multi-layer packaging can prevent product damage caused by excessive collisions and other special environmental factors during transportation.
  2. Good package helps you save money by ensuring that you don’t have to ship a replacement if the original one gets damaged, also keeps your store’s reputation by preventing your customers from receiving damaged products.
  3. Bestm offers packages in different customized size, aiming to help you choose the exact packing based on order quantity, reducing transportation cost.
  4. Through our logo design and exquisite packaging treatment reflects our brand concept. Guaranteed genuine.

How does Bestm pack your goods?  (Express bag- small quantity )

  1. Place lashes in a customized reinforced carton.
  2. Add a layer of anti-collision bubble pad outside the carton for multi-layer protection.
  3. Put the package with our logo into the express bag and attach the waybill.
  4. Write the waybill number on the bag to prevent delivery failure caused by the loss of waybill during transportation.

How does Bestm pack your goods?  (Carton-large quantity)

  1. Use a reinforced carton to add bubble pads between each layer of lashes to prevent damage caused by impact.
  2. After sealing the carton with adhesive tape, add bubble pad to the outer layer of the carton for double-layer reinforcement.
  3. Finally attach the waybill and fragile label, write the waybill number on the box to prevent the package from getting lost.
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