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Wholesale Lash Primer For Eyelash Extensions 10ml/0.35FL


The Bestmlash® lash primer Applies pre-treatment on natural lashes improves glue attachment and extends retention. It can remove oil, and dust and sterilizes natural lashes.
Can also be used as an accelerator on the extensions prior to application creating a dry and primed surface for adhesion. Primer is gentle for the eyes and does not cause irritation or allergies.
>Cleans and drys surface, Creating ideal bonding surface
>80% water
>Pleasant smell
>Increases extension life
>Works with all glues
Shake before use. Pour a small amount of primer into a clean container and carefully apply it on the client’s natural lashes with micro brushes. Do not touch the client’s natural lash line. Leave until dry. Use before the application process.

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