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April 14, 2022
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Wholesale Large Lash Mirror 270 Degree Free Rotation


Large Lash Mirror, 270 Degree Free Rotation, Lightweight Makeup Mirror for Eyelash Extensions Supplies color

【Perfect Wide Angle】With the 2” x 1.3” large eyelash mirror, you will see the entire eyelashes in one view. It allows you to observe your client’s lashes from every angle without any headache, therefore ensuring you make perfect eyelash extensions.
【Crystal Clear View】Covered by a layer of protective film, the lash mirror is brand new without any annoying scratches, which offers a crystal clear view of every small detail for you to create a flawless set of eyelash extensions.
【270 Degree Free Rotations】The mirror can be freely adjusted and fixed which gives you the best and comfortable viewing angle. You can adjust the mirror to any angle you need. A must-have tool for all lash technicians.
【Lightweight & Portable】Made of lightweight ABS material, it’s convenient to use and portable to carry with. The total length of the beauty tool is 14 cm/ 5.1 inches, exquisite and compact, fitting in the hand perfectly, and easy to operate.
【Perfect for eyelash extension】With this beautiful tool, you can observe your client’s eyelashes better and check whether there are any defects so that you can create perfect eyelash extensions.

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