W Shape 6D Premade Volume Fan Lashes 0.07
July 13, 2023
W Shape 8D Premade Volume Fan Lashes 0.07
July 13, 2023
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W Shape 7D Premade Volume Fan Lashes 0.07


The 7D W Shape Pre-made Fans Lashes are made of quality PBT fiber, soft and light. W shape, web look, can be used as 7D 14D freely. Quantity is much more than volume lashes in a tray.

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BESTM W Style 7D Premade Volume Fan Lashes

1. Straight hair tip: hairs are distinct without adhesion in every line.
2. Look dense with 0.07mm thickness, rich in elasticity, and rebound immediately.
3. Ellipse root, ellipse root is like a series of our ellipse eyelashes, easy to fit in.
4. Five hairs in a bunch, increasing the density by 7 times with crossed hairs.

How to Use it :

Use tweezers to grab one hair and lift it up.
Dip the crossed part into the glue obliquely and take a glue drop out of it.
Put the hair on the eyelash and slide the glue, then press the hair down to increase the contact area.
Repeat the previous step, check cocked roots after grafting, then dry and comb.

Color: matte black
Material: Nano PBT (soft as mink)
Application: Eyelash artist/beauty agency
Capacity: 12 rows in one tray
Size: 0.07 C D
Length: 8-15mix

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