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June 15, 2023
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Silicone Pad


Bestmlashes forehead silicone pad can help you pick up quicker and easier while eyelash extensions, make your hands free, and more convenient to grafting.

Size: 11*5.5 cm, 9*5.3 cm; Color: transparent, pink
Material: made of high quality silicone material, anti-static, good adsorption, safe, hygienic and reusable.
Can be put on hands, forehead and table, easy to clean, reusable.
Easy to use, remove the protective film on both sides, and place it on a flat countertop or grafter’s forehead, then lay the eyelashes that need to be grafted on top.
Ideal for beauty salon, training school or indivdual use.
Each pack contains 1 piece silicone pad.

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