Glue Cleaning Wipes (Lint Free) 200PCS
May 17, 2023
Advanced Eyelash Extension Training Mannequin Head With Replacement Eyelids
May 30, 2023
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Reusable Mannequin Head With Multi-Layer Lashes


Perfect Your Lash Skills with Our New Practice Mannequin Head!

1 Customizable Length: Our newly launched practice mannequin head allows you to trim the lashes to your desired length, catering to your specific needs and preferences.

2 Realistic Layered Lashes: Our new model features multiple layers of lashes, mimicking real human lashes for a more realistic training experience. Perfect your technique in separating and examining individual lashes with precision.

3 Reusable with Adhesive Remover: After each practice session, don’t forget to use the adhesive remover to clean off the glue for a fresh start.

4 Eyelashes are Tied into the Eylid and will not Fall Out

5 Thick eyelashes allow for continuous, uninterrupted practice and save time by not needing to replace the eyes. It helps to quickly improve eyelash extension skills.

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