Eyelash Extensions Adhesive Remover(10g/0.35FL OZ)
July 14, 2023
Lash Primer For Eyelash Extensions 10ml/0.35FL
July 14, 2023
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Eyelash Glue Gel Remover (20ml/0.7FL OZ)


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  • This lash glue gel remover is meant for Salon Use Only!
  • Fast action – from 60 seconds – the Stacy Lash Pure Power Glue Remover has new super active power formula. It will dissolve lash adhesive just in 60 seconds, offering quicker and more efficient lash removal. The strong solvent will quickly remove even the most steadfast types of eyelash extension glues.
  • Gel formula – prevents the spreading of the product and contact with the eyes of your clients, it’s easy to control. It takes a small amount of lash glue remover to remove eyelash extensions, saving the product, which will last long.
  • Transparent and Odorless Pure Power remover will make your work even more enjoyable. Nice transparent color plus no more unpleasant odors from eyelash glue removers.
  • This adhesive remover for lash extensions is suitable for beginners and skilled eyelash technicians. It works quick, but it’s easy to control, preventing eye contact. Suitable for all skill levels.
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