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June 20, 2022
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April 23, 2023
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Deluxe Aluminum Alloy Case Eyelash Training Kit


Deluxe aluminum alloy eyelash training kit,
All in one package to start your lash career!

Aluminum Alloy Case
Size: 31cm*26cm*21cm

– 1 x 5ml Super Bond Eyelash Extension Adhesive

– 1 x 5ml Superbonder For Lash Extensions

– 1 x 10g Glue Remover

– 60ml Lash Foaming Cleanser

Application Tools
– 1 x Practice Mannequin Face
– 1 x rolls of Paper Tape
– 1 x 2 Pieces Straight and Curved Tip Tweezers
– 50pcs Eye Pads
– 50pcs/lot Crystal Handle Eyelash Brushes
– 1 pcs Pink Jade Stone Glue Pallet Holder
– 100 Pcs Glue Cups

– 2 Pcs Blooming Flower-Shaped Glue Cup

– 1 x Stainless Steel Eyelash Mirror

Eyelash Extension
– 1 x 0.07-D-8~15mm mix Black Premium Matte Black

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