0.1S Aurora Eyelash Extension Glue/Adhesive
July 14, 2023
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July 26, 2023
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Bond X Eyelash Extension Glue/Adhesive


Bond X Eyelash Extension Glue/Adhesive:

One of our best selling adhesives
Reliable and easy work even in unstable room conditions
suitable for Classic lashes as well as Russian Volume lashes.
fast-drying (0.5-1sec) – suitable for Intermediate and Advanced lash technicians as well as those technicians who’ve just recently started their lash career.

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The Bestm Lashes Bond X Eyelash Extension Glue/Adhesive is made with advanced formula for lash technicians with fast hands set extensions in a stunning 0.5-1 seconds. Perfect for those seeking increased revenue from short application time.
Please read the features of glue carefully. Used for professional technician only.
Viscosity – Medium
Appropriate temperature: 18-22°C (64.4°F – 71.6°F)
Appropriate humidity: 40-70%
Setting Time: 0.5-1S
Retention: 7-8 Weeks
Technician Profile: All level
Client Profile: Average tolerance to glue fume & odors
Techniques: Classic & Volume
Each pack contains 1 bottle of glue(5ml).

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