5D Pre-made Loose Fans With Pointy Base .07 (1000 Fans) 9-16mm Mixed Length
August 24, 2023
LED Floor Light for Lash Extension
September 7, 2023
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5D Pointy Stem Pre-made Russian Volume Fans 0.07 (12 Lines)


The Bestm® 5D Lashes are actually 5  individual lashes joined together at the base that can be applied to a single natural lash to give a fuller, more voluminous look. They’re perfect for clients without many natural lashes or simply used to cut down application time. Bestm Lashes volume fans are bonded together by heat so there are no clumps of glue at the base like you’ll find in other fans.

They also feature a gorgeous semi-gloss finish, are extremely lightweight, and are made from high-quality PBT synthetic materials for a stronger bond and longer wear.

 Pointy stems are very convenient for you to graft and plant, and the effect of grafting is more natural and beautiful.


Wholesale Price: US$5.99(Min. 5 Trays)Click Here

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