Mannequin Head
April 14, 2022
Wholesale 5 Pair/ Practice Training Lashes/Eyelash Strips for Eyelash Extensions
April 14, 2022
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2PCS 3 In 1 Lash Training Practice Tray


How to Use 3 In 1 Lash Training Practice Tray
Take a tray out.
Fix the tray using double-sided tape(tape not included).
Apply a glue cup, a strip of eyelash extension, and practice eyelash on the tray.
Do lash extension practice
Easy to carry: The practice tray is lightweight compared with the mannequin head. Easy to
carry it between home and salon
Test Report: After testing, it’s not easy to clean if the glue accidentally spills on the tray. We recommended always practice in one tray and display good work in a new tray

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