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24Pcs Lash Lift Ribbons (4 Colors)


Lash Lifts Ribbons by BESTM LASHES

  • Helps to draw perfectly straight step 1 solution line with accuracy
  • Replacement for tape to help align solution
  • Prevents the spread of even liquid formulations
  • Minimizes risk of overturning
  • Can be used as a compensator in step 2 for baby lashes
  • Holds without glue, light and elastic
  • Tab on each end for easy removal
  • Suits any shields on the market
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Lash Lifts Ribbons by BESTM LASHES

The Lash Lifts Ribbons will be your new favourite assistant during steps 1 and 2 of the lash lift application. These thin strips are designed to help you apply step 1 in a perfectly straight line, preventing the solution from deviating away from the lineup. This successfully ensures that step 1 will not reach the tips of the lashes, and properly positions the solution placement. Placement is especially crucial on a round shield, as unevenness can lead to an uneven bend of the lashes. In addition, after applying the solution in a straight line, the strips will minimize the spread of even liquid formulations.

During step 2, the ribbons can be used as a compensator for those stubborn baby lashes by placing it close to the lash line to keep the lashes attached to the shield. The ribbons is compatible with any size or style of shield, and features two tabs on each end for quick and easy removal.

If you are experiencing difficulties with applying the composition or are afraid to apply the solution above the bending area, the lash lifts ribbons by BESTM LASHES is the perfect solution! The lash lifts ribbons will be a gamechanging component that will not only ensure even application of the solution, but will effortlessly produce impeccable lash lift outcomes.


After wrapping the lashes onto the shield, use clean tweezers to pick up the ribbons and place it on top of the shield in the ideal position. Gently tap the strip down with the end of the tweezer to flatten the base. Proceed to apply step 1 solution.



Contains 24 pieces of lash lifts ribbons in 4 colors (black, white, pink, blue)


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