Wholesale 70Pairs Paper Patches 3D Eyelash
April 6, 2022
70Pairs Paper Patches 3D Eyelash
April 6, 2022
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10 Pair Collagen eye mask crystal gel eye pad for Anti Aging Wrinkle and eye care


The eye mat has the characteristics of anti-aging and wrinkle care, and helps reduce the dark circles and edema under the bags under the eyes.
Collagen eye pad improves elasticity and compactness, bringing youthful luster eyes.
Eye mask collagen crystal gel eye mask, girls skin care mask compact, smooth eye area, so that skin moisture, soft and elastic.
Collagen eye mask can help you cope with aging, remove bags, dark circles and fluffy, wrinkle, moisturize, lift buttocks, brighten white, remove spots and blackheads.
The skin permeable material is permeated in one way, and collagen is added to the skin to maintain its elasticity and moisture.
Main ingredients
Pure natural seaweed ,collagen and vitamin B5.
We promise it’s Without any chemical additives, no stimulation of the skin, toxic side effects, is a reliable and effective to a significant health and beauty products.

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