How to Become a Certified Lash Technician

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March 25, 2022

How to Become a Certified Lash Technician

I figured I would take it back to the beginning. Rather than focusing on all advanced information, lets talk about the basics. Are you a cosmetology or aesthetic student looking for the right career? Are you unsure what industry to get involved in? Do lash extensions sound exciting to you? Well, guess what… They are! Lash extensions are super fun and exciting and doing them can make a great career. With this information, you are sure to get off to the right start as a certified lash technician!

What is a Certified Lash Technician

Let’s start by making sure this is the career for you! So what is a certified lash technician? A certified lash technician is a licensed individual who either works for themselves or works under a business doing lash extensions!

Qualifications for a Certified Lash Technician

The qualifications for a certified lash technician don’t stop with the “certified-ification” (lol new word alert). Many states require you, yes be certified in lash extensions, but also be licensed as either a cosmetologist or aesthetician! Why is that? Well, any time you are working on a sensitive area of the human body, it is necessary that you know more than the average joe-shmoe. Lash extensions also require a few different chemical products that, if used incorrectly,  could severely harm or damage the eyes or skin, YIKES! Not all states, however, require a license believe it or not. I recommend that you be licensed, though, as it will make you a credible and reputable option for potential clients!

Schedule for a Certified Lash Technician

Whether you are working for someone or working for yourself, your income is based on your schedule. Most certified lash technicians work lots of hours…because they like lots of money! You will, of course, want to choose work days that work best with your home life/schedule, but most importantly days that work best for clients! It isn’t out of character for a lash technician to work through the weekend, because that is when most clients are available. Working for a salon, you can assume you will work 3-5 days a week with 5-8 hour days. Working for yourself, you may have some weeks that you work 2 days and some that you work 6 or 7! Just keep in mind that your income is based on your dedication and schedule.

Income Potential for a Certified Lash Technician

Pay for this position can range from an average of $14 to $25 hourly. Now, don’t let that deter you; this position is almost NEVER paid an hourly wage. Those amounts are based on annual income and tips averaged. If you work for a lash studio or salon, you will generally see a commission of around 25%-45% . That means your average hourly will range closer to $14-$19 hourly. If you have your own lash space and business (and a steady clientele which is, unfortunately, much more difficult to develop as an individual) you can assume you will make closer to $20-$25 hourly. BUT (the big but), a large percentage of that amount may end up going back to your space rent, taxes, and products! All things to know and consider when exploring a career as a certified lash technician!

That being said, based off of qualifications, schedule, and place of work (with other factors like area, price per service, and overhead costs) a lash technician has the potential to make great income and have a great career!


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